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Update #6: First Day of IGNITE UCC

A quick update to say that our first day of IGNITE UCC is today, the 4th of July 2023. Today we will be covering Business Model Innovation with Eamon Curtin in the afternoon after a brief introduction session in the morning. I am very excited about this opportunity and will most likely make another post on social media to highlight what we cover throughout the day. I hope I can make connections throughout this program which will help to scale Quantifold up to the venture I know it can be.

Update #4: Grants and Funding

Hello! Wanted to do a quick update to mention that tomorrow I will be meeting with a representative from the Local Enterprise Office to seek grant funding for Quantifold. This is a big step for us as up to this point it has been entirely my own income that has funded the venture. If we are able to secure some funding this will allow us to really skyrocket our growth and also allow me to hire some outside help to work on issues relative to programming, operations and marketing. 

In terms of current shortcomings, I am aware that we currently need to supplement the following areas of our business:

  1. Traditional financial expertise (creating pitch decks, financial projections, investor media)
  2. Dev Ops (Managing our software development and ensure we hit targets)
  3. Traditional education management (a "principle" of some kind to manage tutors)
  4. HR (hiring and firing, managing people in the company)
  5. Product management (someone who has a keen vision of a particular area of the business)
  6. Marketing (someone who can consistently and cost-effectively get us into the public eye)

Treating these issues will require learning more about them myself, hence I will be working to create internal tools which will help anyone to fill these positions.

I posted on LinkedIn today about our partnership with IGNITE UCC, hopefully this helps us to get some traction with finding interesting people who see the value in this project!

Since I am starting my Master's/PhD at King's College London in late September I will have to find a way to balance the workload I get from this project with the workload I get from my own education. One of the ways I have been considering doing this has been hiring a manager who can oversee a few key areas of the company and who will get compensation which is performance-based alongside a base salary. The actual feasibility of this will have to be explored, but currently this seems like a good route to take. Delegating work must be something I fully embrace over the coming years.

Hopefully I can report back with good news following the meeting!


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