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Update #6: First Day of IGNITE UCC

A quick update to say that our first day of IGNITE UCC is today, the 4th of July 2023. Today we will be covering Business Model Innovation with Eamon Curtin in the afternoon after a brief introduction session in the morning. I am very excited about this opportunity and will most likely make another post on social media to highlight what we cover throughout the day. I hope I can make connections throughout this program which will help to scale Quantifold up to the venture I know it can be.

Update #5: The State of Gifted Education in Ireland

Currently thinking of ways to better represent gifted education in Ireland. If there is anyone out there interested in collaborating on this I would love to hear from you. Former CTYI students, gifted educators, enrichment tutors etc. are all welcome to contact me if they are interested in a collaboration! Of course our current focus is mathematics, but there is a great deal of interest in branching out into enrichment in some other subjects so we are dedicated to talking to anyone with a great idea.

Update #4: Grants and Funding

Hello! Wanted to do a quick update to mention that tomorrow I will be meeting with a representative from the Local Enterprise Office to seek grant funding for Quantifold. This is a big step for us as up to this point it has been entirely my own income that has funded the venture. If we are able to secure some funding this will allow us to really skyrocket our growth and also allow me to hire some outside help to work on issues relative to programming, operations and marketing.  In terms of current shortcomings, I am aware that we currently need to supplement the following areas of our business: Traditional financial expertise (creating pitch decks, financial projections, investor media) Dev Ops (Managing our software development and ensure we hit targets) Traditional education management (a "principle" of some kind to manage tutors) HR (hiring and firing, managing people in the company) Product management (someone who has a keen vision of a particular area of the business) Ma

Update #3: EdTech Ireland

Hello all! We are delighted to announce our membership in EdTech Ireland. This collective of companies are all involved in the EdTech space in some way and we hope to be able to work with them on a few issues with respect to our growth in the coming years.

Update #2: IGNITE UCC

Hello! We have decided to use this site to provide quick updates on our current work and journey through the startup landscape in Ireland. We will try to update this fairly frequently as new events occur.  Our first update will be confirming our offer from Ignite UCC, a  startup incubator hosted in UCC. We will receive mentoring, office space and financial support through this program. We are so grateful for this opportunity and truly want to make the most of it. To this end we want to invite anyone who wants to get involved in this project to email us at and tell us about yourself! Doesn’t matter what your background is in, we want to get people involved! Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported and worked with us up to this point. You are all very much appreciated and we hope to do you proud by making this idea all it can be. Any quick updates about our journey through Ignite will be logged here, so subscribe to this feed to follow along.

Update #1 Hello Quantifold Updates Blog!

Hello! This blog was created to house updates about Quantifold, a company I founded in 2022. Our current live site is available here , however we have several other sites currently in development which will be going live soon. I have decided to use Blogger for this site for a couple of reasons: We have a team which has to move fast in order to compete, and hence learning overly complex tools early may not have adequate returns. Blogger is simple to the point of being accessible to almost anyone who wants to work with us. We also have a blog written in the JAMstack framework which is live on our production site, however since there are restrictions on the number of editors in the CMS for security reasons we have decided to add subdomains to our site and to use these subdomains to house various blogs relevant to our project. We plan to move the information accumulated on our niche subdomains to dedicated subdirectories of the main site at some point in the future. For SEO reasons, Google